Bali’s top secluded beaches

(CNN) — Bali is an island in flux — especially in the south. It’s a maelstrom of construction: villas, roads, jetties, reclamation. A magnet for tourists for generations, the island welcomed over five million international visitors in 2017.
So you’d expect pretty much every beach along the coast to have been colonized by sunbeds and invaded by travel groups long ago.
Mercifully, that’s not the case. But secluded beaches on this island in Indonesia generally don’t stay hidden for long. It’s not uncommon to turn up at a formerly entirely secluded beach and find a new access road, a ticket desk, several warungs (restaurants), three determined village ladies peddling sarongs and a van load or four of organized tourists.
For the connoisseur of secluded beaches, the place to start is the Bukit peninsula, the egg-shaped bulge that protrudes from the bottom of Bali as though the island has just finished laying it.
Sculpted, towering limestone cliffs create myriad little bays, with sand in hues from gold to creamy white. Challenging descents — sometimes involving hundreds of rock-cut steps — promote seclusion every bit as dramatically as they tone the quadriceps.

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