GERARD HINDMARSH : “Bali ‘s bohemian rhapsody”

OPINION: Let’s face it! Tourism is what people turn to when everything else fails. And the worst thing about Kuta (Bali) is still the young yobbo Australians who come here in droves on super cheap fares.

Thankfully most don’t make it much past the bars of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. These once separate and impoverished villages along 27km-long Kuta Beach are now all fused into one seething carnival where night and day there’s something going down. Absolutely engaging too!

Tourism here goes back to 1936 when ex-Hollywood workers turned globetrotting Americans Bob Koke and Louise Garrett set up a guesthouse of Balinese thatched bungalows on the near-deserted beach.

Their concept of ‘fun in the sun followed by a few drinks’ tourism concept knocked the socks off Dutch packaged holidays which existed up to that time. Bob taught all Kuta locals to surf too, something they truly excel at today…


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