| Bali Tales! Anecdotes from adventurous journey to the Indonesian island — By NIKITA CHAWLA |

Follow NIKITA CHAWLA’s footsteps as she shares anecdotes from a recent adventurous journey to the Indonesian island

As I got off the airport in Denpasar, I expected Bali to be quite similar to Thailand and wasn’t particularly excited. I boarded my prepaid taxi and headed for the hotel in Ubud that evening. With its lush green rice terraces and panoramic valleys and cultural backdrop, Ubud reminded me a lot of Kerala. Temples, markets, museums, palaces…it has it all covered. If art and culture is your scene, then Ubud is a must visit.

If not, then skip Ubud and stick to Nusa Penida or Lombok for the pristine beaches and shimmering clear waters that spell out your idyllic vacay. After a long journey, (there is no direct flight) I was exhausted by the evening and checked myself into a much needed Balinese spa…

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